Biography Of You / Biografia Di Te

So, we have a release date for this collective project I’m a part of. It’s called “Biography Of You / Biografia Di Te” and I’m glad to announce it. It’s out on May 6th 2013 and it features the colors of the slides I used pretty long time ago in Pirandelo‘s live performances, kinda deconstruncting them into stardust, silver grains, dust, rain, whatever you might see into the – yes, analog – effects we made.

Plus, since ya know life is ironic, the person who edited my bio, the one you can read in the About page here, recently interviewed me and you can read his questions and my answers on his blog if you feel like: here.

Please excuse me if I’ve been absent lately… Last time I wrote something in here it was a poem but it went lost… And existing out there, ya know, gets more complicated day by day… But anyhow, here I am. And by the way, fyi, you can find me in the backstage and/or the frontline of Ghiaccionove too.

Thank you for your attention.

See ya, and take care.