Era il luglio del 1998, Padova era semivuota e all’ex-macello di viale Australia c’era la festa di Radio Sherwood. C’ero arrivata con la bici gialla e il walkman a palla da Piazza delle Erbe, precisamente dal ghetto. Pioveva, di lì a poco, a dirotto. Mi sono seduta sul cemento sotto un portico a scrivere con la stilo. 

A guy took my blocknotes+pen and wrote a note down, giving ‘em back to me, smiling. It was, it is: “keep on your dreams…”

Three years later I was in Frisco and it was Christmas. Steve of the Animal Liberation Orchestra got a book for me as a gift. There was a note handwritten by him on it, there is still. It says: “keep on your dreams and the rest will follow”.

It’s like the thought, the image of a rope hanging down from the sky to the Ocean, like the expression in the eyes of a world that’s been suffering for ideas and fighting for colors, celebrated by the silence of stars and the voice of animals.

Since I’ve been keepin’ on my dreams.

There’s a predominant color
which is probably the way
to follow deeply.

Maybe. No-
m a y d a y though
this time, I’ve been
I’m steady on
what I feel
and what
I feel is
to me.