All I’ve learned of love was fury, and mistery. Pain’s something to be sure of sometimes, like eternity… It’s been changing me quite a lot, even the way I look, sure. All it’s left out of love is chaos, it all at once, coming in, coming out. No pic of it, not today, I’m just doing laundry, mountains of it, ya know, winter’s almost here and the closet must be ready. The Northen wind’s blowin’ strong and mighty, the sea is howling. Yesterday night I made dishes dancing, trying to distress myself as me and my friend used to do when we were working as waitresses. My mom came to visit, too, and it seriously ain’t easy to laugh alone. Or maybe it simply is sunday and I can’t tell how weak I can be someday, or just, too strong for so long.

By the way, I’ve got the wp app, it works, doesn’t it?