Here’s what I was taught. But not tonight. Tonight the story goes along with what I really love,
so deeply that my heart burns and my breath cannot believe it that true, so true that I go, I
come along and the trust I feel is more than the love I know and I know, I see, there will be
no other story to tell than a dream I cannot remember at all and its awakening, the one
I cannot tell anybody but my own understanding of things, those things I cannot

I didn’t make the pumpkin this year, I’ve just put and lit the candle in it. And I’m
thankful to who gave it to me, since this time I simply forgot to take it.
I’m cloudy. But here it is, again, and it shines on, as you can see.

Can you see the cat?

Trick or treat
Smell my feet
Gimme something good to eat
Trick or treat

Have no fear, I’m by your side, do you see?… There are sweets and chocolates in there, no tears.
I left them on my pillow, very well hidden, very well wept even without any explanation, and please believe me, I truly cannot tell you this, it would mean to touch the void together and you know, I’m the one who gets hurt when it happens and you know, I’m the one whose heart burns whenever it happens, and you know, I might hurt you too when this happens, and ya know, I don’t want to, I won’t, I can’t, I cannot.

Love&Trust, that’s all folks.

No story of vampires and werewolves tonight,
I’m on my way out of the void…

You guys have fun.

See you,
M u c h L o v e