in a book, originally uploaded by Marita Cosma.

There’s always a story to tell and there’s always somebody ready to erase it. Me myself as well, talking about my own. It feels like we are drifting away, it feels like I’m giving up on my way wherever was it supposed to take me. I keep on my dreams, I keep on. Am I holding on the secrets I’ve got to keep? Well, they are not many, not really heavy, they are just a few memories and some nightmares and some dreams I shall not share with no one else but my own consciousness. I’m holding on because there’s something I’ve got to defend and that’s the power of words. It’s the truth they can rely onto, the truth they can take from and give back to the world, inside out. It’s in all of us and it can be really, really powerful. May I say I’m pissed off today? I’ll write it down: I’m pissed off. The castle is barred, crocodiles are swimming in deep mud. Silence might be your safe way, but it’s the worst supply for a rotten country.