Around 1998 I used to write a diary from which, in 2007, I took some excerpts to edit in order to read them in front of a mic for a project that didn’t go on its way for many, too many reasons ‘til there was no other way than stop it there undone. Some time ago I decided to upload some of those spoken words on SoundCloud and later, some days ago,  it happened that Robb H, a dj/producer/vocalist, suggested me to go ahead on ccMixter and feel confident with my voice again. Not many hours later, there it was: the first mix featuring my voice as female_vocals. Here’s my feeling, I say it again: it felt like having been surprisingly, suddenly embraced in 130 bpm. Thank you life, you keep on amazing me sometimes. This big hug is titled “Le illusioni (Original Mix) 2011” and it was made by Official_Nc_Fx: you can listen to it here if you’d like. If you prefer, here’s also the video that was made along. It’s “Repetitive House” and it was such a surprise to me that I couldn’t do  much more than smiling… Official Nc Fx would probably say this: “Music is such a good therapy.”  Isn’t it true? I think so. Ready boots? Go!