There are high tides and there are Tsunamis. There’s the sea and there’s the Ocean. The sea can be strong, the Ocean is powerful.

There’s the ground and there’s the Earth. There’s the sky and there’s the Universe. There’s the Moon and there’s a star in the Milky Way that we all know as the Sun, our Sun. There are hours, minutes, seconds and there’s the Time, Mr. Time. There’s the water and it’s also known as an element. There’s the air and we breath it more or less with awareness. There’s the fire and we can either create it, but either find it, surprisingly. There’s the wind and there’s the Air. There’s everything and everything is known to be, as above so below. There’s a music we hear and there’s a sound we listen to, then there’s the melody of the World. It can be measured, it can be defined, it can be categorized, it nevertheless is.

There are hyper-days, so they are called, and joules and magnitudes, sunny or rainy days, natural or artificial disasters . There are hospitals for animals in cities like Rome and there’s no other aid except the Red Cross, Emergency and Doctors without borders in places bound to be of war. What’s humanity bound to?

The 9th wave of the Mayan calendar began on the 9th of March, the SuperMoon is going to be on the 19th. What’s in the middle? The highest note, today, in Japan.

If the Earth makes a sound and the Universe has a heart beat, the tears they’ve caused in ages came out of the ground and made it liquid as much as the Ocean reacted becoming moving walls capable to smash any matter on the way of its waves.

Let’s imagine the Earth making a noise while suffering. Human kind has been pushing, bombing, drilling, bothering it as no animal ever did. The Moon is getting closer and the broken nukes are releasing the poison none would expect from the japanese genius but sadly yes from the humans’ historical mistakes. The highest note of that noise was indeed terrible even if the tallest buildings looked like dancing along, it killed, it hurts. The Ocean had no pity of the genius of engineers, the Ocean breaths and transforms what it breaths. The Ocean takes and keeps. The Ocean simply is what no man can ever tell as much as he could understand about the mistery of Life and Death, of the fact that they both are one and the other, of the truth that’s been heard many times but never told, always told but never heard, the same truth a dolphin and a whale know.

Let’s do everything we can to make the word hope sound real once again. Breath if you can, gain your strength and go back, far away from the sirens’ lullabies. Breath under water ‘til the end. There’s a void to reach, a sunbeam to touch, somebody in there who’s there to listen to the Earth crying out loud.

We rarely hear the inward music, but we’re all dancing to it nevertheless. (Rumi)

Hope you’re safe and sound.