Luca lost his job. He had a daughter, a son on his way to the world and a mortgage to keep on paying. He was not able to find any other job. He decided to ask for help to the community social worker: “sell the house or go stealing”, she said. Luca was very upset that day. He already met who asked him to drive his car toward some nightly robberies in exchange for a hundred euros each time. He wanted to quit that but he got a gun pointed on his belly as to say his whole family. So he kept on giving those rides to the thief in exchange for a hundred euros each. One night, he was arrested. Fifteen days in prison, then he died of heart-breack, they say… On the local newspaper the mayor of the town wrote: “he was assisted by our social worker”. About him, many say: “he was a good man”.

I was grown up (t)here and when my mom called me on the phone to tell me one more time who was the one who died in town that day, when she said his name, I suddenly pictured his gentle smile and the spider web tattooed on his arm. I remember him and I can say yes, he really was a good man, it’s true.
Ciao Luca, ciao.