We gather together.., originally uploaded by dj murdok photos.

in the bright light of the morning to celebrate life as it comes from within to touch the sky. Can you see how flowers can say all that it has to be said? There are flowers that grow and bloom from the rocks when the sun shines allbright along with the spring and summer times. They are up on that mountain I really love since it’s a there where I felt my sorrow taken by a mighty wind blowing all around my body while I was lookin’ up at the chorus of stars and makin’ a call on my cellphone, a call back in the days that never went through as my tears did instead last year when I said to my friend “you know we will meet again”. There where I felt my soul glowing and the ice melting slowly while music was keepin’ us happy enough to dance the dance of cleaning up like we were praying having fun. Our gods are still there where the flag of Tibet shines of reflected light, there on the top of our world, here with us anytime we feel lost and carry them on and on. Do not ever be afraid of truth, they say, you know it, I do it too. We are as much divine as flowers, but not as gentle. Wild as elephants in a parade, we walk on the rocks as we roll in the sand to write the word peace on earth and in every heart. Oh how the Sun beats the hours. Oh how it shines where the ground cries out dry. May the trees always grow and make their holy shades, always, may the daisy and the water lily sing in the sound of wind when it carries the symphony of hope and love as a caress before falling asleep. Oh suave sound of all beings, pulse pulse pulse, up and down, down and up, go, toward the Sun, stand by the stars. There where the silence is a blessing, because of a Love that’s eternal as we listen to eternity as it was a heart beating, the Ocean breathing, the clouds unfolding. Oh Life, how it glows when spring comes in the breeze that finds its path in between broken memories and common dreams. Oh silence, what’s immortality if not life that does celebrate itself?