It didn’t take
much time
to lose
the faith and
the trust, even
my self-confidence.

The ice
is still there
on the top of
the mountain
while i’m dreaming
in the darkness of wood
interlocking dreams
which vary but
repeat themselves
of us.

The sound of the water
of an age that keeps on
melting partially down
in the hands and into buckets
blows my heart up
with sighs and glances
broken by others’
fears and claims.

There’s no peace
but hopes are still
in memories that
have never been
lost and yet forgot
inthrough prayers
that roll
and into thoughts
of those who live
under the wires and fear
those who inhabit them
and sail on floating vessels
with dangling lifeboats.

It’s when the vessel starts on
going round and round
fast and even faster
in a sky with no clouds
that we see
those people falling
out of the swinging lifeboats
and we suddenly stand up
while  the thud of the impact
shakes, moves and speeds us.

It’s a second
then awakening comes.
They open their eyes
and stand up
out of a dream
we’ve all seen.
It’s a wonder to us,
a smile and a curtsy
of all the trees around.

The silence is so
touching in the air at dusk
among the tops of the mountains
most worshipped and raped. The queen
has a head of frosty hair and a crown
so sumptuous of precious rock,
that’s precious more than ever
history could ever be.

Sleep is so relative
even when it’s rest
in between a dream
and the other, between
an instinctive gesture
and a conscious act
of blankets and caring.

The dance was about to be
for us all  that evening
beyond the glass of the door
of my grandmother’s house.
And there was no elastic band
in those woollen collant
of the color of mustard
cut short at the ankles
with winter  whorls and punk holes
that made us laugh out electrified.
Smiling makes you shine so beautifully.