New theme, what ya think?
Better a photographic one like monotone or duotone?

Hmm… This doesn’t look as much bullet-proof as those ones, neither very simmetric… but I like this second column over here, the search button over there, the semplicity opposed to my chaotic being, the color of the links (my beloved daughter pronounces it in a very funny way)
Anyways, tonight I feel a little stressed out, so that I got to play with themes once again but this time I’ve decided to activate this one and say byebye to my personalized header image…

Now I’m about to take a visual walk in this garden, come with me if you feel like watching “The Angelic conversations” by Derek Jarman someday or one more time.

I’m getting ready for the global screaming.
I’m pretty sure I’ll be watching it on mOOviOOle with my headphones on…
or maybe not. Who knows?
I don’t, at least not yet.