I’ve found that
the river is the sound
of light and dark
of joy and sorrow

I’ve known
we were bound
to the shore
where the Sun beats
and sea lions cry

I’ve met
the life in between
who I was
and who I’ll be

I shout
my voice down
on shaking leaves
while you were
thinking my name

I’ll walk with you
where the river flows
and the wind blows

—_______________ > it`s the sound in between > words we`ve never seen > that gave me voice to yell > my name as i > was nothing and it > was me looking at > the silence in between whenever it`s > lighting those notes you know i mean > we`ve never heard we`ll never ever see > the sense they give to life > when it hits > beats inside > through a language we do speak > inthrough dreams and wishes and tears > so i do i > feel > on my skin my name > sorrounding it shines it shades > reflections > into your eyes > so i do i > i was i am > who i`ve never been i`ll be > the one > called when she cried > out > when > the tempest filled -with > lights echoes and rain- > the summer sky > —