“What happens in Gaza is the defining moment of our time, which either grants the impunity of war criminals the immunity of our silence, while we contort our own intellect and morality, or gives us the power to speak out.” (John Pilger)

From this side of the Mediterranean sea we’ve often heard about people blowing themselves. Media have been calling it “terrorism”.

For many, the realization that Palestine has been reduced to a cage by Israel for such a long time explains the existence of hate and regret and their armed drift.

The point is that the abuse of force made by the IDF has not created another drift, not certainly a defence, but a slaughter.

Israel was born from the dust of the Holocaust and that’s what underlines the entire paradox. It was decided and placed there and it surely was not meant to be an occupation (or was it?), but it clearly came out to be so, even bloody and cruel.

In these past days, I’ve seen the atrocity of some human beings using an “illegal” (the paradox in the paradox) weapon of mass destruction on other human beings, so the fact that such a shame is (still) a possibility.

When I look at the map of Israel and Palestine I also see the past tense of everyone who was involved in the 2ndWW, so then our sense of justice in a present tense.

It’s not just by chance that we can find a bunch of american outposts in Italy too. They surely have a nuclear arsenal there, even though we, the people, are not supposed to care or even know about it.

Italy is -somehow- a part of the west side of the world and that’s another thing that would require a deep historical analysis of facts and ideologies. For example, “they” want to get more oil from the Adriatic sea now by now and they don’t give a shit to what people, even those living by the coast, think. Many of us (the people) cannot keep thoughts in a such claustrophobic theatre and let them be part of a whole, the World, who’s talking about human rights and so on.

“Israel is of no use to anybody or anything but its own fantasies of domination” is the one thing i don’t really see. I’ve got to know how much an israeli can be impassable and zionism true as an illegal settlement, but i can’t understand how this could come out as the use of weapons like “Willy Pete” (the white phosphorus already used by the U.S. army in Vietnam and also by the israeli in Lebanon) if there was no relation to the U.S. economy, assuming that war can be seen by various points of view and that the economical one has always had a primary (even if hidden) role, as much as weapons can be sold and part of the american nuclear arsenal was set in Italy at the end of the 2ndWW.

Said so, I feel like I was a wounded kid in Babylon right now and even though I have my voice to rise, I try to keep it inside to do not cry, concentrating myself on reading and sharing and thanking everyone who’s active on making a future of peace sound true.

I think there’s a huge paradox in the international sense of civilty that’s been establisheb for ages: it’s the regulation of war, that makes it look like something that simply need to be regulated and not as something just wrong. When I hear or read the definition “war crimes” i see this paradox very clear. Imho, war itself is a crime against humanity.

La guerra è guerra ed è talmente istituzionalizzata che a livello internazionale esistono delle leggi che la regolamentano. Prima di essere una forza d’occupazione capace di ridurre la Palestina all’orrore più totale con l’uso massificato e massiccio di armi hightech (che dio se esiste sa bene da dove sono arrivate), Israele è stato una decisione presa a tavolino alla fine della 2^g.m., sulle ceneri dell’olocausto! E’ saltata la valvola di una pentola a pressione epocale e ad essere “in pericolo” sono anche le basi della nostra stessa civiltà.
Il paradosso nel paradosso sta nel fatto che esista una definizione come “crimini di guerra” e che la guerra in sè e per sè non venga considerata un crimine contro l’umanità.


History is wider and deeper than the propaganda on terrorism, but it is as much bloody and cruel. Too damn much. War is never a solution, it is just a matter of imperialism. No anger, no regret, no revenge, not even defence can ever justify a genocide. Nazism is not just a ghost, we are not blind. It is time for a very deep change, for a safe and fair new world.

(26 gennaio 2009)

Oslobodjenje Building - Sarajevo, 1999